South Florida Seafood Fun Facts

A lot of people come to Florida every year to visit, relax and play. When millions of people are coming to your state, there must be something pretty amazing about it. Most tourists know about the sun, the beaches, the food, the entertainment and the weather. But there are a lot of things you may not know about Florida, the crabs that make it famous and how certain numbers can leave you scratching your head.

First, giant crabs don’t exist in Florida. You may have heard a story or two or seen a fake viral video, but no shell, pincher or other part has ever been recovered from a real “giant crab.”

A Godzilla-like crab that was spotted from the air off the shores of Kent, England, turned out to be a hoax. Thousands flocked to Kent in early fall in an attempt to spot the 50-foot monster.

The horseshoe crab hasn’t changed in over 250 million years. Even before dinosaurs were roaming around the horseshoe crab existed. They are routinely tagged and studied along the Atlantic Coast. There are over 4,500 crab species spread throughout the world. Of the 850 freshwater crabs, the males are considered to be very territorial.

Hungry yet? Check out “On the Edge” bar and grill at Dockside Inn to get the great Florida food you’ve been craving.

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Getting the Most out of Your South Florida Hotel Stay

There are some things that remain pretty constant in South Florida: great seafood, amazing weather and plenty of motels, hotels, resorts and condominiums.

Most vacationers come to the Fort Pierce area for a week or long weekend. There’s a lot to do so the important thing is to get set up in a nice location. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when trying to decide what place of lodgings is perfect for you.

A good place to start is with having easy access to the locations and activities you want to experience. Take fishing, for example—a lot of people come to St. Lucie County to cast out into the many different angler locations. You want to find lodgings that offer easy access to great fishing spots.

Dockside Inn has five fishing piers right on sight, so all you have to do is walk right out of your room and you can start fishing. The amenities don’t stop there, either. There is also a heated pool, a whirlpool and a restaurant, all on site.

You also want to find an establishment that has great customer service. On your vacation, you shouldn’t have to deal with rude staff or not getting what you want when you ask. Check out outline reviews and testimonials to see what others have said about the hotel.

Travelers continue to stay at Dockside Inn, time and time again, because of the great customer service and beautiful views. Find out more for yourself by calling Dockside at: 800-286-1745.

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Get to Know Hutchinson Island

Most people can agree that it is hard to pick a bad spot to visit or live in Florida. But that’s why diamonds have classifications and prices—even though they are all great, some are more magnificent than others.

Hutchison Island is pretty close to a flawless diamond, given its atmosphere, location and culture. You could even argue the island has the power of two counties in one place. That’s because Hutchinson is actually a “barrier” island, meaning the lower third of the island rests in Martin County and the top third is in St. Lucie County.

In order for Hutchinson to be labeled an island, obviously, it has to be surrounded by water. By what makes Hutchison so unique is the fact that it has the Atlantic Ocean on the east side, the St. Lucie Inlet on the south and north side and the Indian River on the west.

When it comes to fishing, you have many different options for salt or fresh water, along with the different types of river and open water fishes.

If you need the best spot to fish, off of five piers right on site, then call Dockside Inn and see about your perfect Hutchinson Island getaway: 772-468-3555.

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Your Family Vacation

Everyone goes to South Florida for different reasons, but one thing is for sure, no matter the reason, fun will be the result. From the weather and beaches, to the people and the food, Florida has a little something for every visitor.

What are your favorite activities when you come visit the Fort Pierce area by yourself, with your friends and with your family? Dockside Inn wants to hear from you.

Do you visit the museums, shops and monuments around the area? What are some of your favorite spots? Are you more interested in human history, the wildlife of the area or do you like learning about old battles and sunken treasure?

When your stomach growls, what locales do you frequent? Are you just after the seafood, crabs and delicious fish? South Florida also has great eating options from Latin America and the Caribbean so everyone’s taste buds are covered.

Please leave your comments below about what you love to do in South Florida, from fishing to relaxing on the beach, every person has a different yet great experience.

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It’s Beyond Fishing in Ft. Pierce, Part II

At Dockside Inn, there are five fishing piers right on site to ensure you have all of the water access you need while you stay. But if you aren’t having any luck or what some tastes beyond what’s in front of you, South Florida has a lot to offer.

That’s why thousands of tourists flock to the Ft. Pierce area every year, for the great food offered. It’s not just the sun and surf.

A popular dish among visitors is crab. The real name for the blue crab is Callinectes sapidus, which means “beautiful swimmer.” The majority of crabs glide across the ocean floor, but the blue crab, armed with primary swimming legs called swimmerets, have no problem paddling through the ocean.

You also might find it interesting, that crabs breathe with gills. They have been highly adapted for land and sea however, as they can survive without water for up to 24 hours as long as the gills stay moist.

With over 4,500 different crab species around the globe, it should be no surprise that having crabs for dinner goes all the way back to the Stone Age and beyond. Believe it or not, but the ancient Greeks and Romans didn’t actually care for crabs and shellfish. In the Medieval period, it is well documented that crab were eaten regularly, and the same in Renaissance times.

Don’t miss out on all that Ft. Peirce has to offer. Call Dockside Inn to reserve a room in style so you never have to worry about anything while on vacation.

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Get Connected With Dockside

Want to see the crystal clear water beside Dockside Inn for yourself? Watch the video anglers and hotel connoisseurs alike are talking about:

When you stay at Dockside Inn, the fish-filled waters of the Ft. Pierce Inlet can be your playground. Whether you are casting off of one of the five fishing piers (that are equipped with 34 boat slips) or want to charter a voyage with a local fishing legend, Dockside can accommodate. Capt. Joe Ward has been setting his hooks in Ft. Pierce for over 40 years. Day trips to serious expeditions, Dockside can arrange a fishing trip with Capt. Joe and he’ll make sure you’re yelling, “Fish on!”

All of your vacation goals can be met in Fort Pierce, and there’s no better place to stay than Dockside. There are seasonal rates, different room accommodations and great customer service that will have you covered from start to finish.

Connect with Dockside right now. Fill out the quick contact us form and see what great deals are in store for you:

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It’s Beyond Fishing in Ft. Pierce, Part I

Yes, sure, some of the best places to cast off are right in the Fort Pierce, Florida, area. And it’s not just the ocean, but South Florida has many rivers, lakes, streams and inlets, allowing anglers a change to catch just about anything they want.

From the ocean side of things, it’s not just the fish that attract tourist to the area, but the crabs as well.

The Florida stone crab is a rare delicacy, even along the coast, because of its smaller features and limited harvest season, between October 15 through May 15.

Early Native Americans would harvest the delicious crab as a supplement to their diets (and to the bigger and more bountiful blue crab). Eventually, the popularity of the stone crab claws and specific taste lead to a harvesting boom in 19th and 20th Centuries.

For a good amount of time during those centuries, the needs of the human and the reproduction rates of the stone crab stayed in balance. Females can begin reproducing after they are two-years-old. The spawning season extends through spring and summer and over 1 million eggs can be released. Females can spawn four to six times a matting season and the lifespan of the Florida stone crab is around seven years.

When you are planning your trip to Ft. Pierce, make sure to stay at Dockside Inn: 772-468-3555.

Dockside also has amazing lodgings to suit you and your family’s needs. There are different sized hotel rooms as well as apartments if you plan on staying longer.

Get the relaxation and benefits of a resort, without the price tag, at Dockside Inn.

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Great Seafood in Fort Pierce

Need a great place to eat in Fort Pierce with a view that can’t be beat? That’s the atmosphere surrounding On the Edge Bar and Grill located at 1136 Seaway Drive, where customers come for the ambiance and leave with bellies full of delicious seafood and shrimp.

With the On the Edge Bar and Grill philosophy of fish fresh from the sea, not only the service, but also the food, sets the restaurant apart from other on-the-water locations in south Florida. One customer had this review on Urbanspoon: “Excellent fish tacos, fantastic view and good service. Watched the dolphins playing in the water as the sun was setting in the background.”

Call to find out about dinner specials at 772-882-9729.

Dockside also has amazing lodgings to suit you and your family’s needs. There are different sized hotel rooms as well as apartments if you plan on staying longer.

Get the relaxation and benefits of a resort, without the price tag, at Dockside Inn.

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Vacation in South Florida this Fall

If you haven’t noticed it yet, temperatures are dropping and leaves are changing. We only have a few months left before winter arrives. These next few months are your last chance to take a vacation without needing to winterize your home or worrying about shoveling snow when you return. If you can, spend one week on the beautiful shores of south Florida before winter begins.

Believe it or not, you can actually save money by vacationing in the fall. During the winter, hotels and resorts in warm places will charge higher prices to meet the high demand from vacationers. By booking your trip in the fall instead of winter, you can save around anywhere from $10 to $50 per day on housing costs.

Here at Dockside Inn, we understand that south Florida is a popular vacation spot. That is why we offer discounts based on the length of your stay. If you plan on staying at Dockside Inn for one week, we will give you a 15 percent discount on your bill. Combine that with the savings of booking in autumn instead of winter and you can end up saving a few hundred dollars.

To see what other discounts we offer, check out the link below:

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Fishing Continues to Grow in South Florida

It’s no secret that some of the best places to cast out are just off the shores of Florida. Thousands of anglers come to St. Lucie and other counties in search of the perfect catch.

That trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Two years ago, reported that fishing in Florida was a $5 billion dollar annual business that is expected to continually rise.

How can anyone be so sure? Well, for starters, there are thousands of miles of coastal shoreline. Everyone knows that. But did you know that Florida has over 7,700 lakes? Do you like fly fishing? How about over 10,000 miles of rivers to cast out into and see what is biting?

There’s just about every type of fishing in Florida, and the species themselves range from smaller river fish to as big as you want off the coast.

For more information on angling in South Florida, check out the tourism page found here:

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