Top Florida Fishing Tips, Part III

Take Proper Care of Your Fishing Gear

If you find your gear is ineffective, it’s more than likely because you didn’t take care of it accordingly, and not because it was flawed or old. Here are the steps you need to take for lasting fishing equipment:

  • After every single fishing trip, rinse rods and reels with clean fresh water, then dry and lube. Use a hair dryer set on ‘Cool” to dry the rods and reels. Excessive heat can cause damage to the rod.
  • Rods and reels need to be stored properly between fishing trips. Remove reels from the rods and store them in a lint-free bag or box. Rods should be placed in a protective case or rod-sock.
  • Inspect rod guides from time to time, and replace any that show signs of discoloration, rust or nicks.
  • Oil your reels frequently and replace the line on them every 6-9 months (monofilament degrades relatively quickly because of UV and overall wear-and-tear).
  • Clean your lures with fresh water and dry them after every fishing trip. Examine the hooks frequently and replace any that are seemingly rusty. Sharpen your dull hooks (as previously mentioned). Replace any worn tails or skirts, and/or cut or scratched spinners and blades. Touch up faded or chipped paint with enamel or markers.
  • Store all terminal tackle in a neat and tidy manner, preferably in a quality tackle box.
  • Don’t ever leave your gear in your car for more than a few hours, particularly in the summertime. Excessive heat will destroy your fishing gear.
  • Frequently examine trot lines, jug lines, nets, minnow seines, traps, etc., for damage or wear-and-tear. Repair when needed.

Always Have the Right First Aid and Safety Gear

It’s better to have a First Aid Kit and safety equipment and never use it than it is to not have any of it and need it. Think about the equipment you’ll be using on your fishing trip, including sharp hooks and possibly a knife. Now think about your proximity to nature. You might be near bugs and animals that can sting, bite or otherwise attack. Make sure you have a fully stocked First Aid Kit, a Snake Bite Kit and some sort of signaling instrument like flare gun, loud whistle, or mirror (to reflect and flash light). Be sure you know how to use all of these tools, and replace anything you use from the First Aid and Snake Bite Kits fully as soon as possible. Keep your mobile phone on you at all times, in an Otter-Box-style phone case or another water-proof container. Also, never get in a boat without having an authorized flotation device for every sing individual on-board. If fishing on the shoreline, be sure to have a throwable floatation device, attached to 25 ft. of line or more. People are more likely to die from drowning than anything else while fishing.

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Top Angler Fishing Tips for Florida, Part II

Use The Correct Fishing Gear

There are specific types of fishing gear made for specific types of fish. Using the right tackle means you’ll have optimal results. Research what kind of fish are in the area you’ll be fishing in, and then research which bait you should actually use. The stronger the fish, the stronger your gear needs to be.

Use A Fish Basket, Keep Net or Live-Well INSTEAD of a Stringer

Rope stringers through a fish’s gills will impede its breathing ability and cause unnecessary suffering. Stringing through a fish’s lip with rope or metal clasp stringers can allow some fish to tear free, especially fish like trout or bluegills that have soft lips. This also causes useless pain, death, and wastes fish. Stringers also allow other predators to prey on and attack your fish, who correctly assume they are in trouble, and makes the fish easy targets. Use fish baskets instead, as they allow the fish to stay alive and be reasonably comfortable until you’re ready to release or process them. Live-wells and coolers are even more preferable because they’ll preserve your fish better.

Fish at The Correct Times

Certain fish bite best at different times of the day – early morning, afternoon and at night. Mid-day is usually not an optimal time to go fish. Use Solunar Tables, which are based on the moon’s phases, to predict which times the fish you’re after will be feeding each day. Solunar Tables can be easily found online.

Properly Knot & Rig Your Bait

A poorly-made rig results in lost fish. Make sure you have the proper knot and right rig for your bait. Research instructions online for properly-tied fishing knots and how-to instructions on making rigs.

Be Aware of Your Environment

Your sense of smell, sight and sound are incredibly important when fishing, both for the purpose of catching fish and for safety purposes. Pay attention and you’ll be able to smell, see or hear when the fish are near.

Now that you’re ready to go fishing, you can do your angling on site here at Dockside Inn, a beachfront resort located on Hutchinson Island in Fort Pierce, Florida, where we have five fishing piers you can fish on. Just plan a weekend stay or vacation here and bring your fishing equipment.

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Top Angler Fishing Tips for Your Next Florida Trip, Part I

Planning a fishing trip here in Fort Pierce? Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran angler, we have some tips for your next angling adventure.

Be Prepared Ahead of Time

First, make sure you have all your fishing gear at least a day before you actually go fishing. The more time you give yourself to get your gear together, the more time you have to fix or replace any broken or worn gear. Be sure you’re organized as well so you can easily see what fishing gear you have and don’t have. Get your bait a day before and make sure you can keep it alive. Make sure to bring lots of water to drink to stave off dehydration. Check the weather for your fishing location (and double check the day of). Also be sure to check to see that your fishing permits and licenses aren’t out of date.

Layer Up for Current, Coming & Unexpected Weather

Dress accordingly for current weather, whatever is forecasted to come, and reasonably unexpected weather. Weather can change more quickly than you expect. If the weather or water gets dangerous, don’t wait it out. Just plan to fish another day. Dress in layers so you can shed layers if it gets a bit warm, or add layers if you get cold. A light-weight cotton shirt and shorts will keep you cool in warm weather but still protect you somewhat from sunburn. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from any potential sun damage (both directly from the sun and from the water’s reflection). Shoes with traction will protect your feet from any potential trash or broken bottles left in your fishing area. A jacket, any rain gear (like a raincoat, boots and umbrella) and gloves will keep you covered for any Florida rain.

Keep Sharpened Hooks

The sharper your hooks are, the less like you are to lose a fish. Do an Internet search (or even YouTube search) for the Triangle Method, then follow the instructions. You’ll know if the hook is sharp enough if you can run the point of the hook over your fingernail and it sticks. If it slides, it’s too dull and needs to be sharpened some more. If you can’t get it sharp enough, safely throw out that hook and grab another one.

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Pet-Friendly Activities to Participate in at Fort Pierce, Florida

If you have an active, outdoorsy pet, there are a few places near Fort Pierce for you and your pet to go.

Walton Rocks Beach is a dog-friendly beach where you can let your dogs roam leash free on 24 acres of property, according to the St. Lucie County, Florida website. Amenities include the usual, such as swimming, fishing, picnic tables, restrooms, showers, pavilions, and free parking.

Fort Pierce Inlet State Park is a partially pet-friendly place that allows pets in their main and additional parking areas, as well as their Coastal Hammock Trail. However, pets aren’t allowed in the other areas of the park, such as the playground area, most of the beach areas, the picnic table areas, and more.

Of course, Dockside Inn, which is located 5 1/2 miles from Fort Pierce Inlet State Park and about 11 miles from Walton Rocks Beach, is also pet friendly. Pets are allowed so along as they weigh 50 pounds or less, and are allowed to stay in all rooms except the waterfront rooms. Pet owners only need to pay additional $50 to bring their pets with them to stay at Dockside.

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Winter Air Travel Tips

Thinking about visiting Dockside Inn this winter? We want our visitors to get to and from their destinations safely and happily. So here are a few tips about traveling to Florida (or anywhere else) in the wintertime.

If you can avoid a layover, do so. Delays often happen in connecting cities, which means you’re stuck somewhere that isn’t home or your desired destination. You can get a direct flight to Orlando International Airport, which is 115 miles (or an hour and 45-minute drive) from Dockside Inn in Fort Pierce, Florida.

But if you can’t avoid a layover, try to get a connecting flight in a city not as likely to see a weather delay (in general, the further south the city is, the less likely it is to have a winter weather delay). But still keep an eye on the weather in that connecting city, as well as the layover times. There are a lot of reasons flight delays happen, but if you can take bad weather out of the equation, this will better your chances of not being stuck at a connecting airport for an unknown amount of time.

If you’re afraid you won’t be able to avoid a weather delay, consider booking a hotel in advance. Call the hotel to be sure you won’t actually be charged until you arrive at their hotel and check in. That way, if you end up not needing the room, you can cancel without paying anything. But if you end up checking in, you won’t have had to worry about trying to book a room at the last minute, saving you some stress.

Getting a flight earlier in the day rather than later will also help out, as there is less likely to be a delay in the morning compared to the afternoon or evening. It also allows you time to book another flight on the same day if your original flight is canceled.

Make sure to also give yourself extra time to get to the airport for your flight (or flights). This way, you can still make your flight on time regardless of whatever issues come up.

Some things are unexpected and unavoidable, but preparing as much as you can for any potential air travel issues can relieve you of some of that travel stress while trying to get to your vacation destination.

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The Best Food, Drink and Live Music in Fort Pierce

Tourists and locals alike want a little bit of everything when going out on the town in Fort Pierce or south Florida. That is especially true when looking for a great dining experience.

With all the options out there, there really is no reason to compromise. Here’s a quick checklist of what you should expect to get the most out of your lunch or dinner date.

One, ask yourself, is the establishment on the water? It is Florida, after all, so amazing ocean and inlet views should not be compromised. For some reason, dinner just tastes that much better when watching the colors change over the water at sunset.

Two, how is the live music? There should be different bands playing every night so the party keeps going no matter what day you pick. Variation is key—the same house band can get old very quickly.

And finally, three, the food should be the best from the sea and land. Believe it or not, a lot of places get lazy when it comes to seafood simply because they are close to the ocean and think tourists don’t know any better.

On the Edge Bar and Grill has great views, food, live music and great service. Check out the difference for yourself by stopping by this week. 1136 Seaway Dr. in Fort Pierce.

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No Excuses This Spring—Vacation in Ft Pierce, Florida

If everyone could just flip a switch and end up on the ocean and sunshine of southern Florida, they would. But we all find reasons why we can’t take a trip. It’s time to find a way to get the vacation or trip you deserve.

Money is usually the biggest deterrent as to why people don’t take more trips. Florida is a tourist hotbed, so it’s really easy to find cheap fights to just about any city. You can go to travel sites and search for a deal, but you will have even greater success going to the airlines themselves.

Look at the carriers for the airport you use. Then go to each site and click on their deals and offers page. Even the big carriers have come to understand people want discounts, even when flying. You can even sign up for alerts for cheap fares to your destination.

In terms of lodging, the key is to find an amazing place that is on the water, has fishing piers, is affordable, well-kept and has food and drink on site.

You’ve earned your vacation; plan a trip today!

Start browsing hotel rooms now or call the Dockside Inn: 772.468.3555

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See More Dockside on Facebook

Thanks to social media, Dockside Inn has been able to broadcast our culture more easily than ever. From promoting fishing and boating events to giving residents updates on hurricanes, there’s always more to learn on the Dockside Inn Facebook Page:

For instance, maybe you were wondering what our pool area looks like or how many people can fit in it? Back in September we posted about our FL-JCI Bash where you could’ve seen some residents enjoying our pool!

If you’re wanting to see more pictures of Dockside Inn, you can always look at our Welcome Album here:

Remember Hurricane Matthew? Check out some pictures of Dockside Inn after we were hit:

Maybe you were looking for an idea of what the fishing is like at Dockside Inn? Check out what some of our guests have caught:

To make a long story short, if you want to learn more about Dockside Inn, go ahead and follow our Facebook page. You can ask us questions or book a stay through the page as well. If you’ve been to Dockside Inn before, go ahead and tell us about your experience with a review!

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On the Edge Bar and Grill: Ft. Pierce’s Vacation Hotspot

The success of any vacation rests on two main factors: entertainment and food. We know that Hutchinson Island has no shortage of entertainment opportunities, but Dockside Inn has you covered when it comes to your food. On The Edge Bar and Grill has remained a staple of our customers’ time in Ft. Pierce. With over 500 reviews between Yelp and TripAdvisor, On The Edge Bar and Grill is ranked #7 out of the 138 Restaurants in Ft. Pierce. So what makes this restaurant so special? See for yourself.

The Food

Restaurants live and die by their menu (which you can find here). On The Edge has it all: appetizers like Pickle Chips to Tacos, Salads, Soups and much more. Customers wanting to try something new may want to try their Gator Bites and Cajun Calamari. Those looking for simpler dishes may prefer their Wings or Caesar Salad. No matter what you’re in the mood for, On The Edge offers you plenty of options. With the restaurant located on-site of Dockside Inn, you don’t have to worry about drinking too much to drive either.

The View

Going to On The Edge for the food is only half the fun. What makes this restaurant and Dockside Inn special is the chance to view the sunset on the ocean while you eat with your friends and family. Whether you’re visiting during sunset or during the day you’re bound to find a view worth admiring. Being able to eat good food with better company while you look out onto the ocean is an experience that you can’t find in many other places.

The Reviews

The last thing you might be wondering is what the customers have to say about On The Edge. With a 4.0/5.0 on TripAdvisor, there isn’t any reason to hide the reviews. As you scroll through the reviews, you’ll see customers praising the view, the food, and the musicians that play.

So if you’re looking for entertainment and great food in Ft. Pierce, On The Edge Bar and Grill provides the best of both worlds. Book your stay at Dockside Inn today to start planning your vacation.

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Why Airbnb Doesn’t Scare Us

Airbnb has been downloaded tens of millions of times and undeniably revolutionized the hospitality industry. Even through this massive shift, we have stayed confident in the value we deliver to Fort Pierce and our customers. How can we stay calm during this revolutionary time? Let us break it down for you.

The average Airbnb rental price for Fort Pierce is $108 per night, but what do you get for your money? When you look at Airbnb’s Hosting Standards, you’ll find that there is very little guarantees. Airbnb expects hosts to update their availability frequently, communicate with their guests in a timely/supporting manner, commit to reservations, offer an easy check-in service, provide accurate rental information, and a clean environment. You will notice however, that Airbnb doesn’t guarantee many things. These are often just suggestions for hosts, instead of guidelines and rules. And if they go unreported, there are no repercussions.

Meanwhile, our average weekday rental costs $114 per night, across all room types. What do you get for the extra $6.00? The short answer: a lot. Let’s break down what comes standard with our rooms that does NOT come standard with an Airbnb rental:

  • Free continental breakfast and coffee
  • Private bathrooms
  • Guest Laundry rooms
  • Daily cleaning service
  • On-site heated pool and whirlpool
  • Free parking
  • On-site restaurant
  • Information on local activities and hotspots
  • Covered picnic areas with grills
  • Pet-friendly rooms
  • Smoke-free rooms

We could go on, but you can see that when compared to Airbnb, there is little competition in terms of value. Don’t forget that all of these are standard, so you get them whether or not you book a $69 room or a $159 room. Not to mention that if you are staying 15+ days, we give you discounts up to 35 percent! That’s why our customers have continued to stay with us despite the “savings” that Airbnb offers. There’s a big difference between staying at an ocean-side resort and staying in a stranger’s spare bedroom. So next time you think about booking a vacation in Fort Pierce, Florida, ask yourself how much saving $6.00 is actually worth? Better yet, give us a call at 772-468-3555 and we can tell you!

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