You’ve Picked Your Date, What’s Next?

So you’ve decided to have some fun at Dockside Inn and your reservation has been made. You’re booked. But now the hard part comes—deciding what to explore, see and experience.

Pelicans: The Original Fishermen

Pelicans: The Original Fishermen

The first thing to consider is your group size. Dockside Inn is perfect for hosting gatherings, reunions, rehearsal dinners and weddings. Your guests will have five different types of accommodations from which to choose, including poolside rooms, waterfront suites and even apartment options.

For your food and beverage needs, the recently constructed On the Edge Bar & Grill offers casual dining, great seafood and it’s on the resort grounds for easy convenience for your guests.

After eating, sleeping and drinking, the next priority is activities. If there are any anglers in your group, Dockside Inn has five fishing piers with 34 boat slips. Bring your boat and dock it right outside of your hotel room. Don’t have a boat but still want to cast out into the deep waters of the Atlantic?

Dockside Inn offers fishing charters through Capt. Joe Ward, an experienced angler who has been fishing the waters of the Fort Pierce inlet for over four decades. As a retired Lieutenant from the St. Lucie County Fire District, Capt. Ward knows the sweet areas that the locals frequent.

Outside of fishing, you and your guests can enjoy surfing, snorkeling, swimming and the warm weather activities that have made south Florida famous.

No matter what you end up doing while at Dockside Inn, you’ll be having an amazing time from start to finish.

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Ft. Pierce Tourist Activities

Over 87 million tourists flock to Florida every year. There are obviously some pretty nice attractions to get those kinds of numbers. But the great thing about Florida is that there’s a little something different for everyone, city to city and beach to beach. The culture and activities in Boca Raton, for example, vary from what you should expect in Orlando or Clearwater Beach.

standardFishingImageAn amazing aspect of Ft. Pierce, Florida, when it comes to tourist activities, is that as long as you have a great place to stay on the water, you can pretty much do it all. Let’s take a closer look at some attractions around Ft. Pierce:

Museums/Exhibits—want an up close view of the Caribbean Coral Reef Ecosystem? Want to learn more about the Navy SEALS Special Forces? Ft. Pierce has the benefit of offering informative and engaging museums throughout the area. Check out the Smithsonian Marine Ecosystems Exhibit, Marine Station, UDT/SEAL Museum or the St. Lucie County Historical Museum.

Art/Culture—music and galleries are not hard to find around Florida’s Treasure Coast. Completed in 1923, the Sunrise Theatre is a great place to start for the performing arts. Ft. Pierce also has The Backus Gallery, entirely dedicated to the Florida’s most predominant landscape artist, “Bean Backus.”

Other Areas of Interest: if you stay at the Dockside Inn, you have access to five fishing piers and direct water connection. You can also check out the Ft. Pierce City Marina, Heathcote Botanical Garden, the local golf courses, Old City Hall and the Manatee Observation and Education Center.

No matter what you end up doing in Ft. Pierce, you are sure to have an amazing time doing it!

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Ft. Pierce Fishing—All You Need to Know

The Atlantic Ocean is over 41 million square miles, covering nearly 20% of the Earth’s surface, so it’s not hard to believe that some of the best angling in the world can be found in its waters.

People flood Florida’s amazing coastline, year after year, in search of the ultimate catch. A lot of times finding the perfect spot is the most difficult task, even before considering the line, bait or reel. The waters surrounding Fort Pierce offer the best of both worlds—great fishing can be had right off of the beach, dock or shore and there is easy access to the deep waters for bigger prizes.

For anglers that like to cast from shore, the Fort Pierce inlet, due to its range of both shallow and deep water, is a perfect place to catch snook, grouper, snapper, sand perch and more “close to shore” varieties.

Fishermen (and fisherwomen) who want deeper water are in luck around Ft. Pierce as well. The deep water inlet is great for all kinds of different fish and South Hutchinson Island is only 13 miles to the Gulf Stream. In the Gulf Stream you can set your sights on yellowtail, dolphin and more.

The question often arises, “How do I get to the deep water if I don’t have a boat?” The solution is joining a fishing expedition or hiring a charter. But be careful, not all charters are the same. Look for an experienced guide, like Captain Joe Ward, who has over 40 years of fishing experience around the waters of Ft. Pierce.

Location is another key aspect to fishing in Ft. Pierce. Don’t complicate your trip by having to drive to your dock or having a third party put your boat on one of their slips. Look for accommodations that have 5 fishing piers, so you can cast off right outside your room, and extra slips so your boat and room are in the same place.

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A Closer Look—Dockside Inn

Florida is notorious for unbelievable dining, a great coastal landscape and amazing water-related activities. But Florida is a big state and tourists and locals alike are constantly searching for the best spots and locales. With that in mind, Dockside Inn was constructed, so the people of Fort Pierce, Florida and visitors from across the United States can arrive at one place for all of their leisurely activities.

Let’s start with the facilities. Dockside Inn is a full service hotel with 36 units and five different types of accommodations. Events, receptions, reunions and other gatherings can be held on-site, as Dockside has a 1,000 square foot meeting room that overlooks the Fort Pierce Inlet and is equipped with a private veranda. The resort also has two heated swimming pools and a whirlpool for fun and family activities.

Dockside Inn also has an amazing restaurant right on the grounds. On the Edge Bar & Grill is ready to serve you up some great tasting surf n’ turf right out of Dockside’s backyard.

Angling is another major benefit of Dockside Inn. With five fishing piers on-site, it is easy to simply walk out of your room and cast right into the water. Snook, grouper, snapper, sand perch and more are found in abundance right off the piers at Dockside. Want something more that dock fishing? No problem, Captain Joe Ward offers charters that will put you out on the open water. Capt. Ward has over 40 years of fishing experience around the Fort Pierce inlet.

Whether you are in search of a great resort experience, or are more interested in kayaking, lobster diving, fishing, waterskiing, horse riding, sun bathing or other wonderful Florida activities, Dockside Inn has you covered.

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