Find Low Hotel Rates in South Florida

When vacation time starts, it can be one of the best feelings. You are leaving work, chores and hassle all behind. It’s time for some relaxation and enjoyment. No matter where or when you are traveling, expenses will always be a factor.

When vacationing in south Florida, there are many different options to stay aligned with your budget and expectations. When it comes to lodgings, there are hundreds of different options to choose from around St. Lucie County and the greater Fort Pierce area.

But there is no reason to pay hundreds more for a hotel room when you can get the same water access and amenities without breaking the bank.

Price is always a good place to start. Don’t pay hundreds of dollars a night for your hotel room. If you need a five-star suite, well, that’s a different story, but most travelers just want clean accommodations with reasonable rates.

Here’s is a good chart to show you different room types and their associated rates:

Make sure you are getting the most out of your vacation dollar.

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Use Social Media to Plan Your Trip, Part II

It starts with planning. You don’t have to have your entire trip mapped out beforehand. But it’s good to have a little foresight to ensure you are experiencing everything Florida has to offer. And these social sites can really help:

Facebook—it’s the largest platform used in the United States and it’s great for finding out information. Looking to fish, for example? There are many posts about specific areas, the best spots, piers and what is biting where. Join groups and ask strangers random questions concerning where you are going. Remember, it’s a social platform so don’t worry about bothering anyone.

Instagram—are you looking for the spot to take the best sunset pic? You’ll find it on Instagram. Use the hashtag, #fortpierce, for example, and look at all the amazing images. Then borrow some ideas as to where to go.

Twitter—chances are you will be driving or commuting at some point during your vacation. Twitter can be abuse and filled with the everyday nonsense of someone’s existence. But you don’t have to see any of that. The National Park system uses Twitter to update travelers about road closures, forest fires and weather conditions, for example.

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Use Social Media to Plan Your Trip, Part I

There are lots of reasons why people flock to South Florida. Could the beaches, the weather, the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico, etc. But whether you are going to the Sunshine State for the first time or you are a “repeat offender,” there are always ways to improve your trip.

Believe it or not, social media can be more powerful that AAA in terms of helping you have a great vacation. A lot of vacationers are on some kind of social platform, so don’t think the process involves creating a new account. If you want to, feel free.

But it is very easy to make social platforms work for you without getting involved with any of the spam and unwanted updates.

Here’s a quick overview of some social media platforms that can put you on the right path:

Pinterest—the platform isn’t for cooking recipes and curtains anymore. It’s a great place to get travel photos and see some spots that you absolutely have to visit. You can use the search tools to narrow down what subjects you want, such as food, beaches, parks and entertainment.

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Solo Vacation Tips in South Florida

Time for some time alone—it can be just what you need to recharge the batteries and reset. The key to traveling alone is eliminating stress and accomplishing things usually done in groups, by yourself.

It starts with lodgings. If you are going to be staying for a week or any real extended period of time, you probably don’t need or want a large hotel room. Or at least you would be fine not paying for a whole hotel room when it’s just you.

Short-term apartments are an alternative to hotel rooms, time shares and condos that exist in key vacation and ocean destinations. With the other options, a lot of the time, you will be required to stay a minimum number of nights, you don’t have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to cancelations or changing your dates.

Check out Dockside Inn’s apartments that will change the way you vacation when in South Florida and around the Fort Pierce area. The Angler One Bedroom has a king bed, sleeper sofa, full kitchen and a great view of the water.

If you want a larger accommodation, check out the Harborlight Apartments that have spacious living areas and full kitchens.

Change the way you stay in South Florida with an apartment from Dockside Inn.

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Summer Travel Specials

Everyone is looking for a great deal this time of year. It seems that when summer starts, everything gets more expensive. Gas prices go up, hotel rates skyrocket and restaurants switch to their summer hours and menus.

The key is to find consistency and a friendly atmosphere when you travel. And a good deal. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when looking for travel deals and specials.

For starters, look at what’s around the establishment. We are talking about South Florida here, a location synonymous with paradise. Don’t get stuck in a big city lot, smashed between buildings. If you have a boat, look for a hotel with boat dockage.

And if the inn doesn’t have a flat and fair price to dock your boat, keep looking. It’s the same concept for fishing. If you love to cast out into the endless blue, then stay near the water. Look for establishments that have on-site fishing piers and easy access to the water.

If a price seems too good to be true, as the expression goes, it probably is. Maybe that hotel can’t fill any rooms, has a bad history or is in a bad part of town. You should be able to get a nice room in a nice area without breaking the bank.

Remember to check the season of the rate as well. If you are booking a place on the water for $50 a night in mid-July, then there’s a good chance you are looking at an off-season low rate.

Get started now and browse some great room rates here:

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Summer Travel Tips from Dockside

It’s that time of year again—when millions of Americans take summer vacations all across the world. Time Magazine reported that vacation travel in 2015 will hit an all-time high, so one should be ready for all that comes along with that.

One of the most important aspects of a great summer vacation is to eliminate stress and to make sure everyone is traveling safely.

It all stars with planning and being prepared. Before you even start your trip, make sure your transportation is set up. Are you going to be driving to South Florida? Check out current road conditions and construction patterns to make sure you won’t be hitting delays and stopped traffic.

By now, most families have at least one smart phone. And there is an app for almost anything. Download your airline’s app, your bank’s and a travel app so you can get quick and accurate information while you are on the go.

Another good thing to keep in mind when taking a vacation is knowing that you don’t have to settle. More people may be traveling, but you can still find good deals and great lodgings. Plan ahead and look for deals online that could help you cut your costs.

Travel questions or concerns about South Florida or the Fort Pierce area? Call Dockside Inn now to get the answers you need: 772-468-3555.

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The Dockside Difference

When people come to South Florida, they want the best experience possible. Usually, that starts and stops with your accommodations. You don’t want to have to deal with a rude front desk person, a dirty room, problems with your reservation, etc.

The key to a great Florida getaway is finding lodgings that have everything you need and want without breaking the bank.

Dockside Inn has been the optimal destination for vacationers in Fort Pierce for decades, and it’s time you found out why.

For starters, Dockside is located right on the inlet in Fort Pierce. That means, you don’t have to travel or drive to cast off into the deep blue. There are five fishing piers located on the premises, so all you have to do is walk out of your room and you can start fishing.

Are you vacationing with the family and want to ensure everyone has something to do? That’s not an issue at Dockside with the heated pool. Not to mention the picnic areas and on-site restaurant.

Don’t take a chance when you are in South Florida—stay where you know it will be perfect—Dockside Inn.

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Great Rates at Dockside Inn

When vacationing in South Florida, everyone is looking for a great place to stay that is within the travel budget. That is easier said than done. A lot of hotels and motels will offer deals, packages and specials that turn out not to be worth much at all.

What good is a $10 or $15 dollar food credit if the rooms are dirty and the food itself it bland and bad? The key is to find the perfect mix of atmosphere, nice lodgings and the amenities you need while on vacation.

Dockside Inn has everything that you need at a price you will be fine with paying. When the consumer is happy with what was promised, he/she is usually fine with paying for it at the end.

As a waterfront resort located on the Fort Pierce inlet, Dockside Inn offers the beautiful views of the water with the relaxing options you want while on vacation.

Room rates start at $79.00 a night, and you can get started by making a reservation or checking availability right here:

Dockside has many different rooms for you to choose from, so depending on your group size and preferences, you can get the perfect accommodation.

Browse from poolside rooms, the harborlight waterfront suite and there are even apartments for those that want a longer stay. Get the room you want at the rate you deserve at Dockside Inn: 772-468-3555.

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Fun Seafood Facts for Ft. Pierce, Florida

There are hundreds of reasons why people come to the Ft. Pierce area. Believe it or not, the majority of the people you see are residents—they live the South Florida life all year long. But there is plenty of tourism in the town—and it’s not just from people from out of state, but from neighboring counties as well.

Ft. Pierce has a little something for everyone. But one thing is for sure, some of the best food is caught right off the coast and served fresh on your plate. So whether you are a resident or just in town for work or pleasure, here are some fun seafood facts to chew on while you chew:

  • The horseshoe crab hasn’t changed in over 250 million years? Even before dinosaurs were roaming around the horseshoe crab existed. They are routinely tagged and studied along the Atlantic Coast.
  • Are blue crabs swimmers? The real name for the blue crab is Callinectes sapidus, which means “beautiful swimmer.” The majority of crabs glide across the ocean floor, but the blue crab, armed with primary swimming legs called swimmerets, have no problem paddling through the ocean.
  • There are over 4,500 crab species spread throughout the world.
  • Is a crab bite poisonous? For starters, the blue crab’s mouth is more a combination of mouth parts arranged around where the esophagus opens than a traditional mouth, and it’s devoid of teeth. They don’t bite but their claws pinch hard.
  • How do crabs breathe? Much like the fish that surround them, blue crabs breathe with gills. They have been highly adapted for land and sea however, as they can survive without water for up to 24 hours as long as the gills stay moist.
  • Of the 850 freshwater crabs, the males are considered to be very territorial.

For the best seafood in Ft. Pierce, check out the restaurant on site at Dockside Inn.

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Hotel Travel Tips from Dockside

If you have made a reservation at a hotel, cabin or condo, at least one thing is for sure—you are traveling somewhere. Whether it is for business or pleasure, you want your stay to be as enjoyable as possible.

A good way to ensure that that actually happens is to make life a little easier on yourself with a few travel tips and tricks.

Since we are talking about travel, in order to get to your destination, you will have to take some form of transportation. Now, everyone knows about planning ahead to find good rates and deals. But once you are in the middle of the trip, you want to avoid snags.

In today’s technology-based empire of smartphones and tablets and GPSs, less and less people are going without paper maps. It’s OK to accept and implement new technology into your traveling life. But just keep a little bit of a backup plan.

Boarding passes, for example, can now be sent directly to your mobile device. You can just get your phone scanned and head through security. But what happens when your phone dies, a crack on the screen prevents the bar code from being read or you can’t open the webpage or application? Think about how much time you actually will save versus going back to the ticket counter and going through security again.

It’s OK to use the GPS, just look at the route beforehand so you at least have some idea of the cities and routes if something should happen to your device.

Another thing to keep in mind before you leave is what to pack. Believe it or not, it’s OK to over pack. Yes, it’s harder at the airport and it can be heavier, but you also can do more things if you pack your skis, for example.

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