Hotel and Travel Tips in South Florida

If you are heading to south Florida, then you are not alone. Millions flock to the shores to enjoy the great atmosphere, weather, food and hospitality. The goal is to have a vacation that is hassle-free. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind while you travel and stay in St. Lucie County or any another area around the Sunset City of Ft. Pierce.

The first thing to consider is where you will be staying. It’s always a good idea to plan ahead and to book in advance. The closer you are to the actual date on which you will be arriving, the more hotels will become filled. And although that may seem obvious, it’s not so much about the vacancy as it is the availability and access.

You want a resting spot that has a little bit of everything. Take Dockside Inn, for example, where travelers young and old can enjoy what they want. There are five fishing piers for the anglers in the group, a relaxing pool atmosphere for the kids and hotels with great views for the adults.

After you have the perfect resting spot, then you should begin to plan your itinerary. Museums, restaurants and even beaches have hours, so find out the timetable. Beat the crowds by showing up right when the establishment opens so your have first access to the attractions.

Another good thing to keep in mind is your budget. Sooner or later you will have to return home and it’s probably in your best interest not to have maxed out the credit cards. Do what you can realistically afford so you are not worried about money and debt the whole time you are on vacation.

With the proper planning and foresight, you can save yourself a lot of vacation stress.

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The Ft. Pierce Difference

People only have so much free time. And when it comes to taking a family or solo vacation, the destination has to have a lot to offer to appease the many different tastes. That’s why so many travelers end up in Ft. Pierce—because it’s the perfect mix of fun, relaxation and sun.

Ft. Pierce is located on the Atlantic side of south Florida, north of West Palm Beach and south of Palm Bay. The geography alone would be enough to bring in the tourists by the thousands. There is easy access to the deep waters of the Atlantic and temperatures stay tropical all throughout the year.

Naturally, as a result, tourists love to visit Ft. Pierce, which is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by the Intracoastal Waterway. Since the town is so close to the Atlantic, visitors can easily fish, swim, scuba dive, snorkel and to just relax in the sunny atmosphere. But that’s just one side of the city.

As a small and welcoming community, Ft. Pierce provides local shops and restaurants to ensure you are totally covered while you are on vacation. Even though thousands flock to the area, it still has the vibe of a localized and comfortable small town.

There are a lot of wonderful attractions in the Ft. Pierce area as well to keep you busy throughout your stay. With an event or performance seemingly happening every night, there will be something for the kids and the adults. For example, all ages can enjoy the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum, the Sunrise Theatre and the St. Lucie County Historical Museum.

The last thing to consider in Ft. Pierce is where to stay. Nothing puts the water at your feet better than Dockside Inn, with five fishing piers and different rooms to totally accommodate your stay. Ensure you have the vacation of a lifetime by visiting Ft. Pierce, Florida.

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Best Fish Spots in Fort Pierce, FL

Anglers come from across the globe for the wonderful fishing opportunities that exist around the Ft. Pierce Inlet and throughout the Atlantic Ocean. While yes, it is true that you can walk right outside of your hotel room and cast off of one of the five fishing piers at Dockside Inn and have great success, but there’s no sense in limiting yourself to just one spot. Here are a couple of great secret fishing spots used by the locals:

Fort Pierce Jetty—this is the perfect place to find bigger fish that would normally require a boat. Catch big snook when the tides change and there are a lot of flounder when the weather gets cooler.

Little Mud Creek—looking to do a little wading fishing? Mud Creek has different depths so you can set your line where you need it to go. This is the spot for trout, snook and in the summer, there are plenty of jacks, snapper, ladyfish, sheephead and tarpon.

Ocean View Beach—this is by no means a secluded spot, but if you watch out for the people and go at the right time, this surf fishing spot can yield you bluefish, whiting, croaker and Spanish macks.

Middle Cove and Sand Bar—just hop out of the boat and catch some of the best trout and snook in south Florida. The locals get an early start and seem to have the best success going that route.

No matter the spot, Ft. Pierce has plenty of fish for your lure. See why so many people continue to take their poles to Dockside Inn and to the great angling spots around Ft. Pierce, Florida.

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Best Activities to do in Florida

There’s a reason that millions of tourists flock to the Sunshine State every year—it’s an amazing state for vacation, travel and fun. Here’s a quick list of some of the most popular destinations and activities for you and your family while in south Florida:

  • Forts and shipwrecks—when the Spanish first set foot on the coast of Florida, they had greed and extended life on their minds. That lead to war. Forts were constructed, ships were sunk and great tourist attractions were born.
  • Beaches and the Atlantic Ocean/Gulf—this is probably the most obvious reason so many people come from all over the world and head to places like Ft. Pierce and other tropical destinations. You can swim, surf, snorkel, jet ski, scuba dive, boat, fish and so much more along Florida’s rich coast.
  • Everglades—there’s not another place quite like it on the planet. With over 700 different plant and 300 different bird species, the Everglades is truly a unique experience.
  • Space and Cars—check out the Kennedy Space Center and go through all the different museums and attractions related to the final frontier. Or get your engine going with some high speed racing. Florida is home to Daytona International Speedway, Homestead-Miami Speedway and driving attractions throughout the many theme parks.
  • Treasure Coast—as the name implies, it is a beautiful area of south Florida on the Atlantic Ocean that offers hospitality, good food and great culture. Named after the sunken treasure ships along its shores, the Treasure Coast will be sure to provide something for everyone.
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A Day at Dockside

Vacation time is supposed to be used to relax, reconnect with family and see new places and events. All too often, however, travel stress takes a hold of the tourists and it becomes hard to relax and truly enjoy oneself while on holiday.

Dockside Inn is a waterfront resort on the inlet in Fort Pierce. Hotel guests return to Dockside Inn year after year because it is so easy to be entertained and to accomplish all the wonderful things south Florida has to offer. Here’s a typical day at Dockside, so you can see for yourself why your trip should start and end at Dockside:

You wake up in your preferred room of choice. Dockside has many accommodations to choose from so you know you will be getting the perfect fit. Poolside rooms, waterfront suites, one room and harborlight apartments so you family size and budget are covered.

Once you step outside of your room, you have many options. Maybe you want to catch some fish for breakfast off of the one of the five fishing piers located right on site at Dockside. Maybe you are more interested in a dip in the heated swimming pool or whirlpool.

There’s also a restaurant on-site at Dockside, so whether you need a snack or a full meal, your options are very close. Did you bring a boat? Launch right from the Dockside shores to do some deep water fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving or to just go for a cruise.

When you are ready to take your vacation to the next level, call Dockside Inn at 800-286-1745.

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Ft. Pierce Pier Fishing 101

Millions of tourists flock to Florida every year for the beaches, food, entertainment and fishing. Specifically, Ft. Pierce offers easy access to the deep waters of the Atlantic as well as many great locations for surf fishing.

For starters, book your stay at Dockside Inn so as soon as you step out of your room and have access to five fishing piers right on the resort grounds. After you’ve warmed up catching snook, bluefish, trout and red drum at Dockside, here are some other great pier fishing spots in Ft. Pierce:

Catwalk at South Bridge / Ft. Pierce Jetties—along Fisherman’s Wharf is the public pier with access to a marina, boat ramp and storage. There are two jetties along both sides of the pier which adds to the popularity of the area, especially for those fishing from a boat.

South Jetty Park—this pier along Seaway Drive is one of the longest in the area at 1,200 feet. There is a restroom on site that is open to the public and this spot is really nice for those that want a little extra room when they cast.

Inlet State Park—head to this secret spot when you need a little mix of great surf fishing surrounded by nature. Located on the Inlet, the area has access to a unique migration channel for the costal fish.

No matter where you cast off in Ft. Pierce, you’ll be sure to enjoy a great atmosphere in one of south Florida’s best cities.

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Renovations & Improvements at Dockside

When you have a waterfront resort in Fort Pierce, or really anywhere along the Treasure Coast or in south Florida, it has to constantly stay above the competition. The sunny shores of the Atlantic require many hotels and accommodations for the millions of visitors and for the “stay-cation” residents themselves. Because of such a high demand, many establishments are constantly competing for your tourism dollar.

When it comes to the ideal vacation environment, it’s all about several little things that add up to the total package. At Dockside Inn, that concept is well understood—that’s why the improvements keep happening, so guests continue to come back year after year. And with every new year, the customers can find something new and improved on the grounds of Dockside.

For starters, Dockside has five fishing piers that are constantly maintained to provide you the absolute best cast-off spot. Other amenities include: 1,000 square foot meeting room with private veranda, a heated pool and whirlpool, a pet-friendly environment and a restaurant onsite.

If your belly starts growling, the recently constructed On the Edge Bar & Grille has all the flavors you desire. Enjoy waterfront dining right at the resort, so you are totally covered without having to drive anywhere.

Recently, the rooms at Dockside have been refurbished and a fresh coat of paint has been applied to many of the buildings and structures on the grounds.

If you have visited Dockside before, welcome back and please explore the additions and improvements. New to Dockside? Then you have a lot of discovering and enjoying ahead of you.

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Sunburn Myths

South Florida is home to some of the best outdoor activities in the United States and around the globe. But nothing can ruin your day, trip or event quicker than getting a nasty and irritating burn on your skin from UV radiation.

Enjoy Fort Pierce with your sunscreen, so you don't end up like this poor traveler.

Enjoy Fort Pierce with your sunscreen, so you don’t end up like this poor traveler.

Protecting yourself from the sun has been a part of the human project for thousands of years. People closer to the equator have darker skin with a built-in sun protection factor (SPF). Different types of sunblocks have been found and used by ancient civilizations, such as island nations rubbing the inside of a coconut on their skin for added protection.

Even though most of us know the power of the sun, there are still different myths and misconceptions when it comes to the body’s largest organ and the sun. Here are some of the sunburn myths to help ensure your vacation along the Treasure Coast doesn’t get hampered or cut short:

  • SPF doesn’t matter after 4—yes, it does, as all sunscreen is not all the same. While it may be true that after SPF 50 there’s not much difference, for young kids and people with light skin tone, a higher SPF is needed to prevent burns.
  • Waterproof is good all day long—even the most expensive blocks wear off over time, especially in water. No matter the label, reapply your sunscreen throughout the day.
  • Overcast sky won’t cause sunburn—the radiation and light waves go through the cloud layer like it’s a clear sky. A partly cloudy day can be one of the worst times for sun exposure because a lot of people think they are protected.
  • If I’m burnt I have to suffer—there are methods to heal the sunburn, like with aloe and Vitamin E, so your skin doesn’t instantly peel and crack.
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You’ve Picked Your Date, What’s Next?

So you’ve decided to have some fun at Dockside Inn and your reservation has been made. You’re booked. But now the hard part comes—deciding what to explore, see and experience.

Pelicans: The Original Fishermen

Pelicans: The Original Fishermen

The first thing to consider is your group size. Dockside Inn is perfect for hosting gatherings, reunions, rehearsal dinners and weddings. Your guests will have five different types of accommodations from which to choose, including poolside rooms, waterfront suites and even apartment options.

For your food and beverage needs, the recently constructed On the Edge Bar & Grill offers casual dining, great seafood and it’s on the resort grounds for easy convenience for your guests.

After eating, sleeping and drinking, the next priority is activities. If there are any anglers in your group, Dockside Inn has five fishing piers with 34 boat slips. Bring your boat and dock it right outside of your hotel room. Don’t have a boat but still want to cast out into the deep waters of the Atlantic?

Dockside Inn offers fishing charters through Capt. Joe Ward, an experienced angler who has been fishing the waters of the Fort Pierce inlet for over four decades. As a retired Lieutenant from the St. Lucie County Fire District, Capt. Ward knows the sweet areas that the locals frequent.

Outside of fishing, you and your guests can enjoy surfing, snorkeling, swimming and the warm weather activities that have made south Florida famous.

No matter what you end up doing while at Dockside Inn, you’ll be having an amazing time from start to finish.

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Ft. Pierce Tourist Activities

Over 87 million tourists flock to Florida every year. There are obviously some pretty nice attractions to get those kinds of numbers. But the great thing about Florida is that there’s a little something different for everyone, city to city and beach to beach. The culture and activities in Boca Raton, for example, vary from what you should expect in Orlando or Clearwater Beach.

standardFishingImageAn amazing aspect of Ft. Pierce, Florida, when it comes to tourist activities, is that as long as you have a great place to stay on the water, you can pretty much do it all. Let’s take a closer look at some attractions around Ft. Pierce:

Museums/Exhibits—want an up close view of the Caribbean Coral Reef Ecosystem? Want to learn more about the Navy SEALS Special Forces? Ft. Pierce has the benefit of offering informative and engaging museums throughout the area. Check out the Smithsonian Marine Ecosystems Exhibit, Marine Station, UDT/SEAL Museum or the St. Lucie County Historical Museum.

Art/Culture—music and galleries are not hard to find around Florida’s Treasure Coast. Completed in 1923, the Sunrise Theatre is a great place to start for the performing arts. Ft. Pierce also has The Backus Gallery, entirely dedicated to the Florida’s most predominant landscape artist, “Bean Backus.”

Other Areas of Interest: if you stay at the Dockside Inn, you have access to five fishing piers and direct water connection. You can also check out the Ft. Pierce City Marina, Heathcote Botanical Garden, the local golf courses, Old City Hall and the Manatee Observation and Education Center.

No matter what you end up doing in Ft. Pierce, you are sure to have an amazing time doing it!

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