The Best Food, Drink and Live Music in Fort Pierce

Tourists and locals alike want a little bit of everything when going out on the town in Fort Pierce or south Florida. That is especially true when looking for a great dining experience.

With all the options out there, there really is no reason to compromise. Here’s a quick checklist of what you should expect to get the most out of your lunch or dinner date.

One, ask yourself, is the establishment on the water? It is Florida, after all, so amazing ocean and inlet views should not be compromised. For some reason, dinner just tastes that much better when watching the colors change over the water at sunset.

Two, how is the live music? There should be different bands playing every night so the party keeps going no matter what day you pick. Variation is key—the same house band can get old very quickly.

And finally, three, the food should be the best from the sea and land. Believe it or not, a lot of places get lazy when it comes to seafood simply because they are close to the ocean and think tourists don’t know any better.

On the Edge Bar and Grill has great views, food, live music and great service. Check out the difference for yourself by stopping by this week. 1136 Seaway Dr. in Fort Pierce.

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