Renovations & Improvements at Dockside

When you have a waterfront resort in Fort Pierce, or really anywhere along the Treasure Coast or in south Florida, it has to constantly stay above the competition. The sunny shores of the Atlantic require many hotels and accommodations for the millions of visitors and for the “stay-cation” residents themselves. Because of such a high demand, many establishments are constantly competing for your tourism dollar.

When it comes to the ideal vacation environment, it’s all about several little things that add up to the total package. At Dockside Inn, that concept is well understood—that’s why the improvements keep happening, so guests continue to come back year after year. And with every new year, the customers can find something new and improved on the grounds of Dockside.

For starters, Dockside has five fishing piers that are constantly maintained to provide you the absolute best cast-off spot. Other amenities include: 1,000 square foot meeting room with private veranda, a heated pool and whirlpool, a pet-friendly environment and a restaurant onsite.

If your belly starts growling, the recently constructed On the Edge Bar & Grille has all the flavors you desire. Enjoy waterfront dining right at the resort, so you are totally covered without having to drive anywhere.

Recently, the rooms at Dockside have been refurbished and a fresh coat of paint has been applied to many of the buildings and structures on the grounds.

If you have visited Dockside before, welcome back and please explore the additions and improvements. New to Dockside? Then you have a lot of discovering and enjoying ahead of you.

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