Top Angler Fishing Tips for Florida, Part II

Use The Correct Fishing Gear

There are specific types of fishing gear made for specific types of fish. Using the right tackle means you’ll have optimal results. Research what kind of fish are in the area you’ll be fishing in, and then research which bait you should actually use. The stronger the fish, the stronger your gear needs to be.

Use A Fish Basket, Keep Net or Live-Well INSTEAD of a Stringer

Rope stringers through a fish’s gills will impede its breathing ability and cause unnecessary suffering. Stringing through a fish’s lip with rope or metal clasp stringers can allow some fish to tear free, especially fish like trout or bluegills that have soft lips. This also causes useless pain, death, and wastes fish. Stringers also allow other predators to prey on and attack your fish, who correctly assume they are in trouble, and makes the fish easy targets. Use fish baskets instead, as they allow the fish to stay alive and be reasonably comfortable until you’re ready to release or process them. Live-wells and coolers are even more preferable because they’ll preserve your fish better.

Fish at The Correct Times

Certain fish bite best at different times of the day – early morning, afternoon and at night. Mid-day is usually not an optimal time to go fish. Use Solunar Tables, which are based on the moon’s phases, to predict which times the fish you’re after will be feeding each day. Solunar Tables can be easily found online.

Properly Knot & Rig Your Bait

A poorly-made rig results in lost fish. Make sure you have the proper knot and right rig for your bait. Research instructions online for properly-tied fishing knots and how-to instructions on making rigs.

Be Aware of Your Environment

Your sense of smell, sight and sound are incredibly important when fishing, both for the purpose of catching fish and for safety purposes. Pay attention and you’ll be able to smell, see or hear when the fish are near.

Now that you’re ready to go fishing, you can do your angling on site here at Dockside Inn, a beachfront resort located on Hutchinson Island in Fort Pierce, Florida, where we have five fishing piers you can fish on. Just plan a weekend stay or vacation here and bring your fishing equipment.

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