Top Angler Fishing Tips for Your Next Florida Trip, Part I

Planning a fishing trip here in Fort Pierce? Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran angler, we have some tips for your next angling adventure.

Be Prepared Ahead of Time

First, make sure you have all your fishing gear at least a day before you actually go fishing. The more time you give yourself to get your gear together, the more time you have to fix or replace any broken or worn gear. Be sure you’re organized as well so you can easily see what fishing gear you have and don’t have. Get your bait a day before and make sure you can keep it alive. Make sure to bring lots of water to drink to stave off dehydration. Check the weather for your fishing location (and double check the day of). Also be sure to check to see that your fishing permits and licenses aren’t out of date.

Layer Up for Current, Coming & Unexpected Weather

Dress accordingly for current weather, whatever is forecasted to come, and reasonably unexpected weather. Weather can change more quickly than you expect. If the weather or water gets dangerous, don’t wait it out. Just plan to fish another day. Dress in layers so you can shed layers if it gets a bit warm, or add layers if you get cold. A light-weight cotton shirt and shorts will keep you cool in warm weather but still protect you somewhat from sunburn. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from any potential sun damage (both directly from the sun and from the water’s reflection). Shoes with traction will protect your feet from any potential trash or broken bottles left in your fishing area. A jacket, any rain gear (like a raincoat, boots and umbrella) and gloves will keep you covered for any Florida rain.

Keep Sharpened Hooks

The sharper your hooks are, the less like you are to lose a fish. Do an Internet search (or even YouTube search) for the Triangle Method, then follow the instructions. You’ll know if the hook is sharp enough if you can run the point of the hook over your fingernail and it sticks. If it slides, it’s too dull and needs to be sharpened some more. If you can’t get it sharp enough, safely throw out that hook and grab another one.

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