Winter Air Travel Tips

Thinking about visiting Dockside Inn this winter? We want our visitors to get to and from their destinations safely and happily. So here are a few tips about traveling to Florida (or anywhere else) in the wintertime.

If you can avoid a layover, do so. Delays often happen in connecting cities, which means you’re stuck somewhere that isn’t home or your desired destination. You can get a direct flight to Orlando International Airport, which is 115 miles (or an hour and 45-minute drive) from Dockside Inn in Fort Pierce, Florida.

But if you can’t avoid a layover, try to get a connecting flight in a city not as likely to see a weather delay (in general, the further south the city is, the less likely it is to have a winter weather delay). But still keep an eye on the weather in that connecting city, as well as the layover times. There are a lot of reasons flight delays happen, but if you can take bad weather out of the equation, this will better your chances of not being stuck at a connecting airport for an unknown amount of time.

If you’re afraid you won’t be able to avoid a weather delay, consider booking a hotel in advance. Call the hotel to be sure you won’t actually be charged until you arrive at their hotel and check in. That way, if you end up not needing the room, you can cancel without paying anything. But if you end up checking in, you won’t have had to worry about trying to book a room at the last minute, saving you some stress.

Getting a flight earlier in the day rather than later will also help out, as there is less likely to be a delay in the morning compared to the afternoon or evening. It also allows you time to book another flight on the same day if your original flight is canceled.

Make sure to also give yourself extra time to get to the airport for your flight (or flights). This way, you can still make your flight on time regardless of whatever issues come up.

Some things are unexpected and unavoidable, but preparing as much as you can for any potential air travel issues can relieve you of some of that travel stress while trying to get to your vacation destination.

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